Manon Ouimet 

I started out taking portraits, quickly realising that photography, for me, is a vehicle with which to explore my relationship with what it means to be human, be it through others as the subject, or, occasionally, turning the camera onto myself. I got my Masters at the University of West England where I made my award-winning project ALTERED, a series that focused on people who have been subject to life-altering bodily changes. My work explores the function and composition of the human form and I’m ever-focusing on identity, visual representation and celebrating the body in abstracted and sculptural capacities. My work has been featured in many international publications and exhibitions and 2021 will see my first solo exhibition. My awards include the British Photography Award 2021, Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award 2021 and the Monochrome Awards 2019. I am also supported by Arts Council England.

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