Jacob PerlmutterOn Boxing Day 2004, I was in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit, devastating the country and much of Asia. I was extremely lucky to survive. Turning to photography to help me work through the immediate impact of what was unfolding around me, I quickly developed a relationship with the lens. I remember loading each exposed roll back into its water-tight container, telling myself that if I didn’t live, at least these would: time capsules that captured reality as it unfolded.

I soon became a fan of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier-Bresson, adopting a candid street style that embraced their spontaneous, emotional, philosophical and romantic visions. I’ve roamed the world with my camera, making projects wherever I go and have had several solo exhibitions. I continue to travel and shoot in this way, always searching for the poetry, sadness and beauty hidden on the underside of each rock I turn over.

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