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About The Dandy Collective
The Dandy Collective is a virtual gallery featuring a curated selection of the works of award-winning British photographers: Jocelyn Bain Hogg, Laura El-Tantawy, Manon Ouimet and Jacob Perlmutter
About the Artists:
As is the case with all good stories, this one began in a watering hole. Photographers are a strange breed by nature: observant, chameleon-like and quiet. But put a libation in their hand and they’ll find that spotlight - nice and loud. One foggy London eve, Jocelyn, Laura, Manon and Jacob were all stopping by a trusted favourite pub. The meeting of minds was like an alignment of the planets; everything suddenly made sense. They talked photography until the early hours, tumbling back to a townhouse apartment to pour over prints, old and new. And in the crystallising clarity of the sunrise, these lone wolves understood that they belonged together in this pack: a collective of visual thinkers and artists whose photography individually is diverse - and yet together, the work is held by a common philosophy: to tell timeless stories and truths of the human condition, all with the beautiful expression of photography; fashion, reportage, portraiture, side by side. And thus, the Dandy Collective was formed.

Jocelyn, Laura, Manon and Jacob (Bios)

Group ShotPhoto by Ruby Flashman